Sustaining High Performance

SHP Communications offers a simple, yet profoundly effective communications tool which provides a solid foundation for sustaining high performance for individuals and organizations.

The SHP Communications program is focused on sustaining high performance by building trust and relationship, and by removing the obstacles to the full, ongoing collaboration of your team efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions

  The SHP program builds trust and relationship by removing
resistance and obstacles to partnership and full collaboration!

The primary Benefits of our SHP Communications Program:

  • Rapidly fosters and supports team building efforts through facilitating more open, direct and “forthcoming” communication;
  • Improves empathy through enhancing people’s awareness of their impact on co-workers, adding focus and emphasis on making choices for the greater good of all;
  • Increases the commitment and ability to report events and circumstances with greater concern for factual accuracy;
  • Introduces A New Model of Integrity which transforms integrity from an abstract concept to an actionable “commonly-shared” day to day practice;
  • Powerfully strengthens one’s relationship with their word;
  • And, most importantly, emphasizes and demonstrates the causal/direct link between the practice of integrity and its impact on Sustaining High Performance.

Our Program